Second Drone Users Conference:
Conservation & Agriculture Submissions

Abstracts must demonstrate alignment and appropriateness to the conference.

Qualifying presenters will receive a free conference entry (non-transferrable).

Sessions can be presented virtually or in person.

Foreign participation is encouraged but will be limited to 40%.

Please note there is no compensation or reimbursement for speakers other than what has been outlined above.



You are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 300 words to be considered as a presenter. Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of peer-reviewers.
Your submission needs to fit into one of the three conference themes seen below:


Data Analysis & Interpretation

This topic deals with interpretation and analysis of data. In particular, we will consider presentations that:

  • Demonstrates or explains the use of particular paid / open-source software.
  • Demonstrates the relevance of collected data towards informed decision making.
  • Demonstrates how data is integrated with other information.

Drone Operations & Management

This theme deals with:

  • Innovative uses of drones in the fields of agriculture, conservation and natural resource management.
  • Experiences from flying in the field.
  • Experiences and FAQ in the field of attaching hardware to drones – such as thermal camera, multispectral cameras and more.
  • Flying practical / demonstrations.

Data Analysis & Interpretation

This theme looks at current and future developments that affect the commercial use of drones:

  • Drone regulation and legislation.
  • Drone maintenance and upgrades.
  • Incorporate the futuristic view of drones – drone use corridors.

Important Dates: 2021


Wednesday, 13 October

Review Outcome & Invitations Distributed


Saturday, 30 October

Submissions Deadline


Saturday, 30 October

In-Person Attendance Registrations


Monday, 01 November

Conference Programme Distributed


Saturday, 28 November

Virtual Attendance Registrations

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